Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Health Benefits of tea?

    The major tea constituents, e.g., catechins, caffeine, and theanine, exhibit numerous health properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antidiabetic, cardioprotective, and antimicrobial. Health benefits of tea is supported by the evidence of modern scientific research. Most consumers consider tea as a beverage which contribute to improve our health when compared to other synthetic beverages.

  • Is there any specific water quality requirements for making Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Tea from the concentrate?

    Water used should be as per WHO specifications (Guideline for drinking water quality, second edition, Volume 01, WHO 1998). Most importantly the hardness of water should be less than 25 ppm.

  • Is Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Tea natural?

    Natural ingredients have been used in Elixir except for citric acid and vitamin C.

  • What is the recommended filling technique for Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon tea?

    The recommended filling technique is hot filling or aseptic filling. Cold filling with preservatives is not recommended.

  • How would you compare the caffeine content in RTD with a conventionally brewed cup of tea?

    The Caffeine content in the RTD is lower than in a conventionally brewed cup of tea.

  • How is Dilmah Tea different to other Competitor Brands?

    Dilmah Tea is 100% single origin Ceylon Tea packed at source as and when produced, most competitor brands are blends of imported tea which are very often packed not at the origin. A study conducted to compare the antioxidant activity (ORAC) at ITI in 2016 with competitor brands show that on an average Dilmah tea has higher anti-oxidant activity than other tea brands.

  • Why is Dilmah Tea Concentrate different to others Tea Based beverages in the Market?

    It is made with 100% Single Origin Ceylon Tea, from a single estate. The MJF Beverage factory is located in the Tea Garden itself. Our teas are Hand picked and harvested all year around. Produced and Packed at source. Not blended with other imported teas. High in antioxidant activity.

  • What is the sugar content of Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Tea?

    Elixir RTD contains only 4.5 % of sugar per 100 ml which is quite low compared with similar products in the market.

  • Are flavours used in Elixir of Ceylon Tea Natural?

    Yes, all the flavours in Elixir of Ceylon Tea are Natural.

  • Does Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon tea contain Preservatives?

    Our Tea extracts in 20-liter bulk packs which are aseptically packed does not contain preservatives and will enable to produce preservative free ready to drink Iced tea products using hot filling technology.

    Tea cordial and Elixir in PET or Glass bottles are preserved with a permitted preservative (E202).